Live GPS tracking

Php scripts for live orienteering GPS tracking. You can host your own live GPS tracking site with these php scripts. For O-clubs, training groups, families etc. Own O map with course at background and/or Google maps imagery. Quite easy to set up, usually copying files to web server and following instructions in readme to set passwords is enough.

Runners will use an app in either Android or iPhone. For iphones you will have to set this up on own subdomain for this (like Subdomain can usually b easily set up in your web host's control panel. If you use only android phones setting up own subdomain is not needed

These versions (zip files) are available:

You can use the tracking viewer hosted here at and live tracking script pointing to it as deafault. If you want to host an instance of this multi-purpose map/gpx/livegps viewer on your own host, you can now download the viewer (basically zipped).