The award winning* Karttapullautin - toolbox/workflow for generating O training maps without field checking

Download karttapullautin 64bit v. 20190203

*Maps4Finland award, 3rd in apps category and public votes winner in Apps4finland contest 2012 apps category.

Karttapullautin runs on Windows. It uses lots of memory, so it good to have at least 4Gb RAM, and fast CPU doesn't do no harm. Processing 6 km2 map takes about 30 minutes with relatively new laptop. With over 30..40 km2 you will most likely run out of memory, so any larger areas should be batch processed tile by tile.

Discussion, experiments and piles of maps made with Karttapullautin can be found here.

Karttapullautin is free for non commercial use or if used for nav sport mapping (orienteering, rogaining, adventure racing map making).