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RouteGadget (orienteering visualization toolbox) has evolved to version 3, a complete rewrite. It has 3 parts: the 2D viewer, the 3D viewer(&builder) and the Archive.

What is new?

Everything is new +lots of new features. For example you can now view your local tracks and maps without uploading them to the internet, without organizer using RG, without installing anything - you can just use it right away, replay personal trainings in 2D (or even 3D).
Speed color coded tracks with 10 sec dots , comparison analysis for two or more tracks with handicap% , mass start from anywhere etc, 3D flying etc...

2D viewer

2D viewer for viewing you maps and tracks, either from an (online) archive or directly (offline, local files) from your laptop/mobile device. 2D can view geo-referenced map images, maps build for 3D viewer, and it can be used to geo-reference non-georeferenced images.

3D viewer

3D viewer for viewing you maps and tracks in 3D, either from an (online) archive or directly (offline, local files) from your laptop/mobile device. Maps are zips with map image and lidar 3D data inside, built using a custom tee3d.exe (Windows)


The Archive is a php scipt based system for hosting your own events, maps, courses and tracks. This provides event data to 2D/3D viewers. This is the part you install/host on you own website if you wish. I personally host here only events I or my friends organize, like FIN5 week 2022. You can browse those here (this is the archive installed on this web site): Fin5 2022 archive.


Other links

RouteGadget is just my ( IG jarkkoryyppo ) hobby project, free to use. Just go ahead, experiment, make some cool screen capture videos (I use OBS studio) and tag them with #orienteering or something so other including me can spot them.